Faith Series

Faith: 1.complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

During the month of August we will be exploring the theme of faith. We'll challenge you to think outside the box of what faith really means. We'll speak about "Ridiculous", seemingly "Reckless" and outright "Unbelievable" faith and how we can strengthen our faith in God in the midst of chaos, hurt and loss.

We'll explore questions such as: "If Faith is real and tangible how can we prove it?", "Is faith based on spiritual understanding rather than proof?" and "Can faith confirm the existence of God?".

Don't miss out on this great blessing every Saturday morning in August at Arise.

Here is the speaker schedule for this series:

8/2      Hector Perla

8/9      Victor Martinez

8/16    Pastor G

8/23    Sylvia Urrutia

8/30    Pastor G

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