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Silent Prayer Walk July 3rd

Our hearts are broken for the families of the victims from the terrible tragedy in Charleston, S.C. We are also sorrowful for the direction in which our society is going. However we will not sit back and watch but instead we will arise and move our community. We will give an opportunity to our community to follow us in prayer from our church on Georgia Avenue to Downtown Silver Spring Amphitheater on Friday, July 3rd at 8 PM. It is a quick 50 minute, 2.4 round trip walk.

We will unite and show our compassion by sending a recording of our silent prayer walk and a special letter to all the families impacted by this terrible tragedy. We will show our brothers and sisters in Charleston, S.C. and all others impacted by these crimes that we stand with them for social justice and equality with love and support.

Join us on this Silent Prayer Walk

We'll organize at Arise Church for the walk - July 3rd @7 PM
Take this time to make posters and get literature to hand out

June 27th & July 4th during church service (Noon)
We'll have the letter going out to the families for you to sign

RSVP on our Facebook Event Page
You're Invited- BRING A FRIEND
9439 Georgia Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20910

(Lower Level)

Humans Of Arise: Jo

"I went from feeling like I had it all to having nothing. In reality it was the opposite I had nothing without God. But now I have it all with God. I've learned to embrace what God had given me. I let God show me what he wants to do with me. The "Let go and let God" quote comes to mind. Literally let go of all and let God take over."